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Cant build, recently installed on Ubuntu 12.04


I think i installed everything right (I suppose, is there anyway to find out if its ok?) on a Ubuntu (12.04). Now I cant build even the skeleton app. The console outputs this:

[TRACE] Writing out AndroidManifest.xml
[ERROR] Exception occured while building Android project:
[ERROR] Traceback (most recent call last):
[ERROR]   File "/home/parallels/.titanium/mobilesdk/linux/3.1.0.GA/android/builder.py", line 2553, in <module>
[ERROR]     builder.build_and_run(True, avd_id, device_args=device_args, debugger_host=debugger_host, profiler_host=profiler_host)
[ERROR]   File "/home/parallels/.titanium/mobilesdk/linux/3.1.0.GA/android/builder.py", line 2264, in build_and_run
[ERROR]     self.manifest_changed = self.generate_android_manifest(compiler)
[ERROR]   File "/home/parallels/.titanium/mobilesdk/linux/3.1.0.GA/android/builder.py", line 1404, in generate_android_manifest
[ERROR]     '-I', self.android_jar], warning_regex=r'skipping')
[ERROR]   File "/home/parallels/.titanium/mobilesdk/linux/3.1.0.GA/android/run.py", line 38, in run
[ERROR]     print "[DEBUG] %s" % subprocess.list2cmdline(args_to_log)
[ERROR]   File "/usr/lib/python2.7/subprocess.py", line 587, in list2cmdline
[ERROR]     needquote = (" " in arg) or ("\t" in arg) or not arg
[ERROR] TypeError: argument of type 'NoneType' is not iterable
[ERROR] :  Build process exited with code 1
[ERROR] :  Project failed to build after 1s 319ms
Doesnt matter if I try on device or emulator, its the same.

Any hint what I may be doing wrong?

I would suggest also a more complete guide on installing everything on Ubuntu..the docs help, but are not complete, referencing many things from other sites..

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