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Weird issue, cant run the App in Titanium Mac machine


Hi All,

Facing some weird issue and not able to solve,

Below is the issue,

- I have multiple projects in my Workspace and they perfectly working fine, In my mac machine and i am able to share my iOS app file to Enterprise Store also through Publish Option too.
- Recently for one of my project is one project and then shifted this project as separate project in GIT. 
- We downloaded the new project from git and imported it in to my Workspace. But from then i am not able to Run the App. the Run Option is disabled and cannot see any option to run the App. Then i run the App in command line by using the below command 
     "ti build -p ios" 

I am able to run it in Simulator. I can runt is device also by Right clicking the "Run Configurations" - Will get some pop and then Browse my project under "Titanium iOS Device". Then i am able to run the device. But here one issue is earlier it directly install in Phone but now i have to itunes app and install manually.
- But for sharing in enterprise we need to use publish button, Which is not working means i am not getting option to distribute.

  • For all the other Apps in the work space i am able to get, including the app which is in other project.

    Solutions I tried.

    • I compared the tiapp.xml file both are similar.
    • config file is similar.
    • I changed the

I dont understand what is the problem.

Can any one help in solving and what might be causes.

It is working well for Andriod in Windows machine but had issue in Mac.

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