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iOSDevice not loading modules


Hi all,

I've run into a problem deploying my application onto an iPhone device. The deployment process proceeds silky smooth but when I open my application on the device it a) loads with the default splash screen and b) is unable to find (the first) CommonJS modules. I tried cleaning my project and reinstalling but had no luck. The app runs fine on the iOS simulator. The modules are CommonJS style as shown in the Titanium examples.

The strange thing is that I do not notice odd messages so I do not know how to troubleshoot the issue. I've successfully built (simple) Titanium applications in the past.

I'm running Titanium SDK 3.1.2 GA with Xcode SDK 6.1 in Titanium Studio on Mac OSX Mountain Lion with iTunes 11.05.

Note, I found a post on using the name "iphone" in your folder/directory structure but I do not have "iphone" in any of my folders except the default iphone folder. My modules are located in the directory "ui/common/".

Below I've pasted the console output, maybe someone sees something out of the ordinary. I'll be happy to supply more info when needed.

Titanium Command-Line Interface, CLI version 3.1.1, Titanium SDK version 3.1.2.GA
Copyright (c) 2012-2013, Appcelerator, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.
Please report bugs to http://jira.appcelerator.org/
[INFO] :   Deploy type: test
[INFO] :   Building for target: device
[INFO] :   Building using iOS SDK: 6.1
[INFO] :   Building for device family: universal
[INFO] :   iOS Development Certificate: ***** (I removed this info)
[INFO] :   Minimum iOS version: 5.0
[INFO] :   Using default keychain
[INFO] :   Debugging disabled
[INFO] :   Profiler disabled
[INFO] :   Initiating prepare phase
[INFO] :   Forcing rebuild: target changed since last build
[INFO] :     Was: simulator
[INFO] :     Now: device
[INFO] :   Copying custom Info.plist from project directory
[INFO] :   Found Titanium module id=facebook version=latest platform=iphone deploy-type=test
[INFO] :   Found Titanium module id=com.revmob.titanium version=0.5.5 platform=iphone deploy-type=test
[INFO] :   Found Titanium module id=ti.admob version=1.5.0 platform=iphone deploy-type=test
[INFO] :   Detected third-party native iOS module: facebook version 3.1.1
[INFO] :   Detected third-party native iOS module: com.revmob.titanium version 0.5.5
[INFO] :   Detected third-party native iOS module: ti.admob version 1.5.0
[INFO] :   Cleaning old build directory
[INFO] :   Performing full rebuild
[INFO] :   Copying Xcode iOS files
[INFO] :   Creating Xcode project directory: /Users/AE/Documents/Titanium Workspace New/FandC/build/iphone/FandC.xcodeproj
[INFO] :   Writing Xcode project data file: Titanium.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj
[INFO] :   Writing Xcode project configuration: project.xcconfig
[INFO] :   Writing Xcode module configuration: module.xcconfig
[INFO] :   Injecting native libraries into Xcode project file
[INFO] :   Forcing rebuild: ApplicationDefaults.m has changed since last build
[INFO] :   Writing properties to ApplicationDefaults.m
[INFO] :   Copying module resources
[INFO] :   No CommonJS modules to copy
[INFO] :   Copying iTunes artwork
[INFO] :   Invoking xcodebuild
[INFO] :   Finished building the application in 45s 504ms
[INFO] :   Installing application into iTunes
[INFO] :   Initiating iTunes sync
[INFO] :   Project built successfully in 48s 214ms

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