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(Any) Alloy app hangs at splash screen on iOS device - wrong app.js used?


I have posted a comment to a similar thread here, but seeing as that question is considered to be answered (with a solution that cuts no mustard in my setup) I am posting a fresh question:

For those with limited attention span:

it appears that in my environment the platform-specific app.js file generated by Alloy is being ignored and the (empty) app.js file generated in Resources/app.js is being used instead!

For those interested in the the rest of the whole sad saga:

When testing any alloy app in the iOS simulators on Xcode 5.0 (iOS SDK 7.0) all is well. When attempting to deploy those same apps to device (iPad and/or iPhone 4) the app just hangs at the splash screen. As shown in the linked comment, the Xcode console seems to report a successful app boot sequence with no errors. However, I noted that it reports <Warning>: [DEBUG] Loading: /var/mobile/Applications/.../Play Alloy 1.app/app.js, Resource: app_js as the app.js file being loaded. This led me to believe that the iPhone-specific app.js located in Resources/iphone/app.js is not being loaded, but rather the empty on in Resources/app.js! This was further supported by the fact that a breakpoint in Resources/iphone/app.js never breaks, even though the debugger connects OK.

I was finally able to prove the point by replacing the code in Resources/app.js (Ti Studio warnings about the locked "derived" file notwithstanding) with that from the generated Resources/iphone/app.js and voila!, the app started running on the device like it should...

I have tried to:

  • install the basic Alloy Hello World project (from using default Alloy Project Template in Studio),
  • install the TestHarness project from the alloy.git repo with only a single view/controller and one Picker control,
  • install my own Alloy project,
  • install an arbitrary "ready-made" Alloy project from GitHub.
  • clean the project before building
  • do alloy compile using the CLI
  • do ti build ... -D development (as suggested in one answer that got some votes in the linked thread)

I'm on the latest and greatest for all components: - Titanium Studio 3.1.3 - Xcode 5.0 with Simulators running iOS SDK 7.0 - Latest iPad running iOS 7.0.2

The question therefore:

Is someone able to point out what I should be doing/configuring so that the correct app.js is being used when running on an iOS device after a fresh compile/build cycle? (I don't have an Android device, so don't know if this would happen for a different platform as well).

Thanks in advance,


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